Same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom Same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom has been the subject of wide debate since the decriminalisation of homosexuality in Britain. Previous legislation in England and Wales had prevented same-sex marriage, including the Marriage Act which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, the Nullity of Marriage Act which explicitly banned same-sex marriages, and the Matrimonial Causes Act which reiterated the provisions of the Nullity of Marriage Act. While civil partnerships were established nationwide, marriage law is a devolved matter in the United Kingdom and therefore the legislative procedure of same-sex marriage differs by jurisdiction. The Marriage Same Sex Couples Act , which allows same-sex marriage in England and Wales, was passed by the UK Parliament in July and came into force on 13 March , with the first same-sex marriages taking place on 29 March This also includes religious venues, providing the religious or belief body has opted in. However, no religious or belief body is compelled to perform same-sex marriages; the Church of England and the Church in Wales are explicitly banned from doing so. For the purposes of the divorce of a same-sex marriage, the common law definition of adultery remains as sexual intercourse between a man and a woman only, although infidelity with a person of the same sex can be grounds for a divorce as “unreasonable behaviour.

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The Housing Wales Act , for example, resulted in the setting up of Rent Smart Wales, which processes landlord registrations and grants licences to landlords and agents. The definition of a large HMO is that is rented to five or more people who form more than one household, is at least three storeys high and the tenants share facilities such as a toilet or kitchen. In some local authorities in England, further additional and selective licensing exists. The decision really comes down to time and knowledge.

However, for those landlords that see their role as a professional and want to be involved in the day-to-day running of their properties , it can be worthwhile.

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Domestic violence goes against the basic human rights every human being is guaranteed. If you are married and living overseas, it is possible to separate from your abusive spouse and keep your visa and legal status even as an immigrant woman. The United States , United Kingdom, Australia and Canada and several other countries have domestic violence provisions in their immigration policy to protect immigrants who are subjected to domestic abuse.

Helping A Victim If you know someone who is a domestic violence victim and are not quite sure how to help, the New York State Office for the Prevention of Domestic Violence has an excellent guide for friends and family of abuse victims and how they can help a victim.

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Damian Kavanagh yesterday at I’ve spoken to many British friends who know nothing about the situation in Northern Ireland because it’s never been taught to them in their schools; their history classes stop around the time of the Tudors. Hiding the past from your people does not mean it didn’t happen and makes them also lash out at Ireland for “holding up Brexit” and “bullying the UK”, which is incredibly disrespectful to say to a nation who suffered so much under British rule and also suggests the problem is somehow of Irish making.

And if our full country had been given back to us and the 6 Ulster counties not been held onto by the British, the UK would not be in this situation. This problem has all been created by past and present UK governments and Imperial powers. And it’s upsetting to think that Northern Ireland hasn’t entered many UK citizen’s heads until now, when the situation there has and does affect their lives everyday. Whether they’re on the Republican or Unionist side, their lives have the potential to be affected in a huge way by Brexit.

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From this period the history of Ireland naturally becomes intermingled with English politics. Great Britain proved chronically unable or unwilling to formulate a systematic policy toward Ireland. Numerous attempts to introduce home rule which allowed the Irish to pass and enforce laws affecting Ireland while preserving allegiance to Britain , were thwarted by arguments over the type and amount of representation Ireland would have in British government, disagreements over taxation and concern by Protestant unionists over when and whether the British would intervene to protect their interests in disputes.

The Home Rule party, which demanded the restoration of a separate Irish parliament, showed increased activity, and the general election of gave it a strong representation at Westminster. By the attempt to govern Ireland under what was called “the ordinary law” was necessarily abandoned, and a perpetual Crimes Act was passed which enabled the lord-lieutenant to proclaim disturbed districts and dangerous associations, and substituted trial by magistrates for trial by jury in the case of certain acts of violence.

After the Anglo-Irish war of , two home rule parliaments were established.

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History The United Kingdom is a parliamentary democracy based on universal adult suffrage. It is also a constitutional monarchy. Ministers govern in the name of the sovereign, who is the head of state and government, commander-in-chief of all the armed forces of the Crown and the supreme governor of the established Church of England. The constitution is unwritten, and relies on a combination of statutes, common law and convention. The UK is a union of four countries: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Crown dependencies the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are largely self-governing with the UK responsible for their defence and international relations. Parliament is bicameral, with an upper chamber, the House of Lords 89 hereditary peers, life peers and 25 bishops in March , and a lower chamber, the House of Commons elected members.

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The new war on terror As violence returns to Belfast, Defence Correspondent Sean Rayment recalls some hard-learned lessons from the province’s past 9: From a string of covert observation posts around the city, and from high on the imposing Black Mountain which overlooks it, soldiers under my command spied on some of the most dangerous men and women in the IRA. The intelligence we gathered would be passed to members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s Special Branch in what were called “trigger operations”.

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