At first she denies that there’s a mutual attraction between them, but she eventually gives in to her strong feelings for him. Unfortunately, the man’s mother disapproves of his relationship with a hunchback like her. Chato, a teacher who has never thought of leaving her pupils despite the lack of facilities and supplies in their school. To prevent any conflict, their number one rule is that they won’t keep any secret from each other. But then the barkada’s common crush becomes attracted to Rhiamae who begins to meet him without telling her friends. Just like typical high school girls, they spend most of their time talking about either kikay stuff or cute boys in their class to the point that their parents become concerned about their dipping grades. Nothing can break them apart though since they have sworn to be the “best simple buddies forever” or BSBF. But as soon as her son Reyniel is old enough to understand what she went through in the past, he begins to search for Lina’s long-lost parents through the internet.

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This was intended to be an entertainment blog site, but as the years passed, this blogger becomes less drawn to certain celebrities, except for the two that I always write about. I still plan to fill this with other entertainment-worthy news every once in a while. In line with the latest happenings in the local showbiz scene, an interesting topic is now the talk-of-the-town at schools, in the offices, segments at shows like Umagang Kay Ganda, social networking sites and so many more.

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Maja Ross Andres Salvador (Tagalog: ; born October 5, ) is a Filipina actress, dancer, singer, model, occasional host and is currently under the management of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and is regarded as the “Dance Princess”. In , Salvador co-produced and portrayed the title role in the film Thelma, which earned her the Gawad Urian Award and the Film Academy of the Philippines.

Friday, October 26, 9: The capital of San Salvador Start your trip in the capital exploring a range of stylish restaurants. Fusion-focused cuisine representing Spanish, Mediterranean and American dishes is served at trendy restaurants like Lobby, Oleos and Hacienda Real. The city is also home to historical monuments, theaters, museums and street markets where visitors can order traditional favorites such as pupusas, the national dish. In studying the city buried intact under lava circa A.

Catch the weekend food festival in Juayua, where vendors from across the country serve up traditional fare such as tamales, soups and filled corn tortillas. Afterward, hike to Los Chorros de la Calera to view waterfalls and take a refreshing swim. Tour coffee plantations in Apaneca and Ahuachapan, stopping for a cup of locally grown java complemented perfectly by native sweets featuring coconut, molasses, toffee, caramel, sweet nance, tamarind or panela.

Another not-to-be-missed dining experience is at Acantilados, the newest luxury hotel to open along the country’s Pacific coastline.

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Career[ edit ] — Career beginnings[ edit ] Salvador started her career in show business lightly. She then started pairing up with other teen actors such as Rayver Cruz , John Wayne Sace , and Hero Angeles for the now defunct teenage television series Nginiig —

Maja Ross Andres Salvador (born October 5, ) is a Filipina singer, actress, dancer, model, and producer. She is currently under the management of ABS-CBN’s Star Magic and is regarded as the “Dance Princess of the Philippines”.Parents: Thelma Andres, Ross Rival.

Who is Coco Chanel? Coco Chanel was a french fashion designer of the 20th century who designed many fabulous women’s clothing such as the little black dress and produced one of the worlds most bought perfume CHANEL NO. Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel was a french fashion designer from the 20th century. She was born on 19…th of August and died on the 10th of January Coco went on to create one of the worlds most influential luxury fashion houses ‘Chanel’. She was the designer of many trademark clothing items like the LBD little black dress , Tweed skirt and jacket ensembles and she brought shorter hair in for many women.

She was also the creator of the very famous and classic perfume ‘Chanel no. MORE How do you martinize? This answer is about the betting system. There is also a dry cleaning process by the same name. A gambler “martinizes” by making a bet of x dollars on a bet that pays even odds. If he wins he pockets the money and the process ends.

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Can’t Anyone Untie Us It is Time This of course was not everything that Goya put in Los Caprichos but I think that it provides a definite insight into his thinking and state of mind at this point in his life. Senex Magister Goya’s art is remarkable in that his whole style and approach to painting changed in his mature years. This change coincided with a mystery illness the artist contracted in It took Goya many years to fully return to painting and etching and during the recuperation period, divested of his commissioned workload, he experimented greatly in style.

Upon returning to painting and etching at the end of the s, Goya had thrown off the influence of the rococo; his art gained a significantly darker, original tone. Not only had his style changed but his choice of subject matter too.

More about the Maja Salvador and Gerald Anderson dating / relationship. More about the Maja Salvador and Matteo Guidicelli dating / relationship. More about the Maja Salvador and Carlo Aquino dating / .

She is also a product endorser, and appeared in a shampoo commercial. Janella plays the piano and guitar and loves volleyball as an outdoor sport. As a little girl, she had already the passion in singing and dancing. Janella wishes to be given challenging roles in the future and maybe play a lead role in a drama series. She is only 14 years old.

Janella does not have a close relationship with his Dad Juan Miguel and they do not really communicate. She was only three years old when her parents separated. She had spent 6 years bonding with his father, and it was two years ago when she last saw him. Juan Miguel had already a new family but was not blessed with children. She has a half-brother with his mom, aged two years old.

She dreams to hone his singing skills and become a great singer like his mom and dad, but it is in acting that she found her passion.

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Share this article Share It shows how they asked for permission for cells to remain open all day to mark Virgin of Mercy Day, celebrated through the Spanish-speaking world, before the raucous party. One of the men sat on the ground near to the strippers has his entire face and forearms covered with tattoos, an unmistakeable sign he belongs to one of the dangerous gangs or maras that El Salvador’s prisons are filled with. The video , which has surfaced on social media sites in the past few days, is now causing a headache for government officials who have promised to investigate.

The official request to stage the party, sent by then-prison chief Jose Abarca on behalf of inmates to the country’s former Prisons Director, has also been leaked to local press Another inmate can be heard shouting: The second video is understood to have been found on a phone confiscated from a criminal gang member as part of a separate investigation.

What is Kim’s reaction to the breakup of Maja and her ex-boyfriend Gerald? Latest Philippine TV entertainment headlines on Kapuso talents/artists, GMA films stars, record singers, movie & music reviews, television shows, programs, popular celebrities.

Chynna Ortaleza is currently a contract star of GMA Network portraying the role mostly as villain and antagonist. Chynna Ortaleza pursued her career years later through the Sprite, Magpakatotoo Ka commercial Sprite, Get Real as a kitikitext text addict. She also hosted a Reality show “Click Barkada Hunt”. Chynna Ortaleza was cast as Melanie in the soap opera Ikaw Lang ang Mamahalin, replacing Sunshine Dizon as the love interest of Cogie Domingo’s character, later pairing with Richard Gutierrez after Domingo left the show.

After Habang Kapiling Ka ended, they partnered in Click. They worked together in the Sunday youth drama Love to Love in the episode “Maid For Each Other” where she played Jen, a rich girl from Cebu who ran away to Manila to protest her father’s marriage to a cruel woman. The show got such a high rating that the director requested them for another season, My 1, 2 Love, now with Richard’s off-screen partner Anne Curtis.

Ortaleza played the role of Nikki, the PA of her cousin. After the second season of Love to Love ended, Chynna and Richard parted ways.

Agnes Monica or Maja Salvador as Female lead for “Exchange Love”

Ang Leon At Ang Tigre 2h Good friends bent on becoming cops always end up getting on each others nerves. One ends up as a jeepney driver and the other as a traffic enforcer. This inevitably reunites them in all sorts of crazy situations. After an altercation with a rival gang, Boy Golden is presumed to be dead but he makes a return with vengeance in mind.

Sin Island 1h47m Directed by Gino M. Sumigaw Ka Hanggang Gusto Mo 1h40m The gory death of six biology students doing field work brings a scare in the campus where students keep missing.

Relationships. Matteo Guidicelli has been in relationships with Maja Salvador ( – ) and KC del Rosario.. Matteo Guidicelli has had an encounter with Jessy Mendiola ().. About. Matteo Guidicelli is a 28 year old Filipino Actor born on 26th March, in Cebu City, Cebu. His zodiac sign is AriesOccupation: Actor.

In a paper in the prestigious journal Geology, the researchers discuss their method and reveal that it determined that the femur bone from a giant hadrosaur dinosaur was The authors tried to explain away the younger-looking numbers by writing in their report in Thus, it was taken on faith that the data indicating a younger age do not represent the real age, but instead represent the age of some event whereby uranium was supposedly added to the dinosaur bone millions of years after it had been encased in its Cretaceous sandstone formation.

Some of the calculated “ages,” though, lined up with the already assumed age of 64 million years, and these data were hand-picked to represent the “age” of the fossil. However, the relative chronology technique does not take into account the possibility that millions of years of geological and environmental activity can cause a fossil to drift from its original position in a layer of sediment and be re-deposited in a younger sediment layer.

This evidence has indicated that radioisotopes have not decayed at a constant rate, and therefore the radiodating “clocks” in general are all broken. Thus, the technique was called “the first successful direct dating of fossil vertebrate bone”—a classic case of circular reasoning. This new assertion not only ignores evidence that radioisotopes experienced accelerated decay, probably during the Genesis Flood, but also ignores two totally different natural processes that could be used to help verify the researchers’ claim that the new technique was “successful.

It is no wonder that scientists were not interested in looking for collagen in these dinosaur bones, since no collagen could remain after a maximum of 30, years. If any collagen whatever is still in the bone, this would falsify their evolution-friendly “age.

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